Nexstim TMS

Take your life back with SmartFocus® TMS

Next-generation TMS: Smart, Focused, Drug Free

Now there is a way to get the most out of TMS treatment. Our unique SmartFocus® TMS uses the science of electricity to help  the brain heal itself. Every treatment is personalized to your brain’s anatomy and alertness level, to offer you:

      A measured and individualized dose of TMS
     An unrivaled level of accuracy, as demanded by brain surgeons
     Treatment sessions personalized for you and your brain
     Assurance you received your prescribed dose
     Unsurpassed safety and comfort



Treating depression today

How Nexstim TMS Works

We don’t know what causes depression, but we are learning how to treat it. Antidepressant drugs may help. If not, TMS might be the answer.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) means stimulating the brain directly using small electrical fields. TMS has been proven safe and can be very effective. A non-drug option, TMS only influences the brain and doesn’t alter the rest of the body’s chemistry.

To be an effective therapy, TMS needs to reach the part of your brain closely involved in emotion and mood. It’s quite small. Doctors know it by the name the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) and believe it is one of the most inter-connected parts of the brain. You can’t see it. In fact, no-one can, unless you have a brain scan.

TMS used without image-based navigation simply estimates a spot for stimulation. At Nexstim, we believe it is important that TMS targets the right location in your brain – otherwise you may not get the benefit you truly need. So, we use the latest science – 3D brain imaging and proven navigation of the TMS. 
We think focusing on you as an individual is smart. So we are calling our solution to personalize depression therapy SmartFocus® TMS, only by Nexstim.